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Frazzica Productions (Melbourne, Australia) in conjunction with Kr. Raghuvendra Singh Dundlod -Bonnie, (Rajasthan, India) and Francesca Kelly (Martha's Vineyard, USA) are in post production of the documentary film, Marwari, War Horse of the Mahārāja.  This is the story of Bonnie and Francesca's journey to promulgate and promote the horse in India and abroad.  The Marwari horse has faced many challenges including near extinction.  In this story you will see two modern day heroes with outstanding passion and dedication do everything in their power to promote and raise awareness of the issues facing the Marwari horse.  With an award winning crew on board from Australia and the USA this film will be launched November 2014.

Filmed on the RED EPIC by NYC cinematographer Ben Wolf. We would like to thank the amazing Tom Cowan, award winning Cinematographer, Director, Producer for his support and guidance with this project.

Filming locations USA & INDIA


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Latest Marwari Video

Watch this video featuring Francesca's Marwari horses in the USA at the Kentucky Horse Park!


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10 October 2011


Updated 19 July 2014






Marwari IHSI News

Petition to the government of India, export of equines from the Indigenous Horse Society Of India.  Help by signing this petition.



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